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Airbag System / SRS (Safety Restraint System)

  • We can supply and fit new and used airbags, pretensioners & ECU’s
  • Repair Airbag ECU’s (Crash data), program and configure new airbag ECU’s
  • Reset airbag systems (warning light) on most models including German, European, Korean and Japanese
  • Trace faults and Rectify on Airbag Systems
  • Disable airbags on modified (special needs/mobility) vehicles
  • We can supply and fit passenger seat occupancy sensors and emulators
  • Supply and fit airbag cut-off switches


Passenger Airbag Disabled

  • We can supply and fit an airbag cut-off switch to disable the passenger’s airbag
  • Disabling the passenger’s airbag with the cut-off switch allows for the passenger’s airbag to turned on and off as required.
  • We fit these switches for many different reasons for example transporting infants in the front passenger’s seat in two seater vehicles as well as for child minders with MPVs and for transporting pets in the front seat.
  • Disabling airbags is also possible when a vehicle is modified for special needs / mobility vehicles


Pedestrian Impact Detection System

  • Pedestrian Impact Detection Systems are fitted on most mordern vehicles
  • These systems deploy the bonnet in an upward motion to protect the pedestrian from injury by the windscreen
  • The ECU that controls this deployment will need to be reset or replaced and configured after a deployment
  • The system has a number of components that may need to be replaced, these include bonnet hinge sensors and bonnet airbags


Engine Management

  • The engine mangement warning light indicates a fault with either the emmisions or a mechanical failure of the engine components
  • We can read fault codes, program the engine ECU, program new injectors and diesel pumps, reflash the engine ECU to the latest calibration files and carry out basic settings on other components including EGRs, throttle bodies and many more
  • Often an engine warning light will come on if a vehicle has not been regularly serviced


Diesel Engine Management

  • The glow plug warning indicator can remain on when there is a fault on a diesel engine
  • These faults can range from faulty glow plugs, injectors, diesel pump, low fuel rail pressure just to mention a few
  • The glow plug warning lamp can also illuminate when there is a problem registered with the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
  • This warning light should illuminate and then extinguish when the engine is started if operating correctly
  • We are able to diagnose faults, program diesel pumps, injectors EGRs, engine ECUs and more


Immobilisier System / Keys

  • All modern vehicles have immobiliser systems which are integrated into various components of the vehicle
  • These systems are particular to each manufacturer and model
  • We are able to program immobiliser systems and keys on most vehicles including the latest models
  • Often changing a component it is necessary to configure the keys and the immobiliser in order for the vehicle to run again
  • With certain manufacturers a security code is required and available from the manufacturer (Peugeot, Citroen & Vauxhall)
  • Other systems require us to connect to the manufacturer’s server in order to carry out immobiliser / key programming


ABS Systems

  • The Anti-lock brake system (ABS) has a sensor that measures the wheel speed on each road wheel.  When the engine is started the ABS system carries out a self test and if no faults are registered the warning lamp will extinguish
  • We are able to diagnose faults and program the ABS pump


Traction Control & Steering Angle Sensor

  • Working as part of the ABS pump the traction control system independently brakes a road wheel which is turning faster than the calculated speed of the other wheels with exception to the front wheels when turning
  • In order for this calculation to be carried out correctly on the front wheels an angle sensor that measures the rate of turn known as the steering angle sensor is required.  This steering angle sensor needs to be calibrated to a zero point with both front wheels in the straight ahead position.  The steering angle sensor calibration is necessary when the steering column, steering rack or other suspension components have been removed or replaced.
  • In some vehicles this warning lamp will illuminate if there is a failure of  the brake pressure sensor which is integral to the ABS pump
  • We are able to diagnose faults, program and calibrate ECUs on these systems


Tyre Pressure Monitoring

  • Some tyre pressure systems work using a pressure sensitive valve, others work on a calculated pressure relevant to tyre rotation rate i.e. a flat tyre rotates at a different rate to an inflated tyre. This rotation calculation is done by the ABS module
  • If replacing a valve , the numbers on the new valve needs to be programmed into the tyre pressure system using the relevant diagnostic tool
  • It is important to make a note of the numbers on the new valves before the tyres are fitted
  • We can diagnose ,reset and configure these tyre pressure systems


Parking Distance Control

  • Parking sensor systems have come a long way since they were first introduced
  • These days Parking sensors are used to enable the Auto Park function as well as identify obstacles
  • We are able to diagnose , faulty sensors as well as replace and install them


Xennon / Headlamps

  • Xenon Headlamps are high voltage lighting systems, these headlamps have a control module that uses inputs from the ride height sensors to level these powerful lights to a pre-set level
  • A Xenon headlamp warning light and/or malfunction will soon be an MOT failure
  • We can reset, calibrate, program and diagnose these systems


Diesel Particular Filter

  • Modern Diesel vehicles are fitted with  Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) . This system is a filter that traps harmful soot particles from the engine emissions. The system  carries out a regeneration (a burn cycle) using a special oil within the system every 600 miles provided the vehicle is driven at at constant speed and constant rpm
  • The problem with DPF’s is that if the vehicle is driven small distances or in start stop conditions the filter fills up and never gets the opportunity to regenerate .These systems are costly to replace and the special oil that it requires is rather expensive too. To keep your DPF working properly a regular motorway run for at least 20 minutes at a good constant speed is what is required. A DPF can also get blocked if a sensor fails to operate correctly thus prohibiting the conditions necessary for a regeneration to occur
  • We can carry out a forced regeneration and diagnose faulty systems
  • A forced regeneration on a full DPF can cause a fire . We will not force a regeneration if the DPF is full


Electronic Parking Brake

  • Modern vehicles use an ECU to control the parking brake. These systems electronically control the rear callipers to actuate the parking brake . When changing  rear brake pads it is important to electronically open the brake calliper to replace the brake pads then close the system again
  • We can program parking brake modules and use our equipment to open an close these callipers


Electronic Power Control

  • An EPC warning can relate to any electrical system malfunction , often related to brake lights or other electrical failure
  • We can diagnose these faults and address the issue


Auto Stop Start

  • As the green movement grows in popularity and the EU directives relating to vehicle emissions get stricter the stop start function has evolved. These systems will automatically turn the engine off if the vehicle is left idling for a predetermined amount of time
  • In order for this system to function certain parameters need to be met e.g  ambient temperature and engine / coolant temperature etc.
  • We can diagnose and configure these systems


New Battery Programming

  • Vehicles today have a system that manages the charge rate of the alternator. This allows the battery to be charged more as it begins to age to give it a longer life and to maximise the charge to sustain the draw from all the electronic consumers
  • When a new battery is fitted the system needs to programmed to allow a charge rate that is suitable for the new battery . Failure to carry out this function can result in over charging the new battery
  • We can carry out battery programming


Ride Height / Suspension Levelling

  • Certain vehicles these days have active suspension systems, these systems use ride height sensors on the suspension to measure the height of the vehicle ,normally measured from the centre of the wheel hub
  • The suspension system uses an hydraulic or pneumatic pump to pressurise the system for raising and it de-pressurises to lower the vehicle
  • These systems are usually controlled by an ECU
  • We can diagnose, calibrate and programme these systems


Transmission Control Module

  • Automatic and Tiptronic gearboxes are managed by ECU ‘s often gearbox failures are due to electronic malfunctions or ECU failure
  • We are able to diagnose , calibrate and program transmission control modules


Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Adaptive cruise control is becoming more common place these days, this system is run through the cruise control system . The system is activated when the cruise control is activated and allows for the driver to sit back and allow the vehicle to apply the brakes automatically. This can really be a white knuckle ride the first time you try it! You want to press the brake but have to let the vehicle do it on its own
  • If the system has been replaced or removed the system will need to be calibrated
  • We are able to program and calibrate these systems


Collision Avoidance System

  • Collision avoidance system uses sensors to identify obstacles and hazards in the road as well as warning if cornering speed is to high
  • We can diagnose and program these systems


Side Object Detection

  • This system is designed to warn the driver of vehicles or obstacles in the blind spot, also known as BLIS Blind Spot Information System
  • We can diagnose and program these systems


Service Reminder

  • We can reset the service reminder on most vehicles including Long Life intervals
  • Often a service reminder cannot be reset as it has gone so far passed the recommended service mileage  we have equipment that can reset these service reminders


Lane Warning Control

  • Some vehicles are fitted with lane warning control systems to warn the driver that the vehicle is drifting out of the lane
  • We can diagnose and configure these systems


Auto Park Assist

  • At last a system that will parallel park the car for you. Controlled through the parking sensor system with sensors on the side of the vehicle to assist with the parallel parking
  • We can diagnose and calibrate these systems


Electronic Power Steering

  • Most vehicles today have electronic power steering systems, these can shut down in the event of an accident or can be damaged as a result of the initial impact
  • These systems need to be configured and usually will not work until the configuration is carried out
  • We can diagnose , fault find and configure these modules